by The KutiMangoes



“The past 5 years we have taken our music all over the world: Europe, Asia, Africa besides our homeland Denmark, and even though we cannot speak with many of the people we meet, our music is a universal language that transcends borders. The meetings we have had (and continue to have) all over inspire us to create new music. But of course we are the composers of the music, so this is our representation of those meetings.

Our 3rd album is called AFROTROPISM. Tropism is a biological phenomenon that indicates growth of a plant in response to the environment; so when you see a plant turning for the sunlight, this is tropism. In other words, this is not so much about the plant’s roots but more about how it reacts when it touches the air, feels sunlight or rain - in other words the outside world. So AFROTROPISM refers to the fact that we are drawn towards the African traditions, but we are “growing” our own music.

On our first two albums we have recorded extensively with African musicians, and AFROTROPISM is centered around The KutiMangoes (TKM) as a band. We are developing our artistic direction by going more in depth with how we can mix our inspirations with our own musical heritage. Our musical mission is (and has always been) to mix cultures and create our own sound.

With our background in jazz music, TKM counts virtuoso instrumentalists with a heartfelt intent and sound innovators with our horns, effect pedals, synthesizers, drums and percussion from all over the world. AFROTROPISM is a further and deeper development of our trademark bold sound that experiments with synthesizers, soundscapes and a bit of electronic effects without losing it’s focus on groove, melody, atmosphere and musicianship.”

The KutiMangoes, July 2019


AUG 17th Denmark, Jonstrup, Jonstrup Jazz Festival
SEP 05th Germany, Berlin, Kulturbrauerei
SEP 06th Germany, Osnabrück, Lagerhalle
SEP 07th Germany, Rotenburg, Bildnerische Werkstatt
SEP 08th Germany, Lutterbek, Lutterbeker
SEP 13th Germany, München, Milla Club
SEP 14th Germany, Erlangen, e-werk
SEP 15th Germany, Leipzig, Die naTo
SEP 18th Denmark, Frederikshavn, Det Musiske Hus, Maskinhallen
SEP 19th Denmark, Aalborg, Huset i Hasserisgade
SEP 20th Denmark, Aarhus, Atlas
SEP 21th Denmark, København, Alice
SEP 26th Denmark, Roskilde, Gimle
OCT 04th Germany, Bad Bentheim, Treff10
OCT 05th Germany, Bremerhaven, Pferdestall
OCT 06th Germany, Hamburg, Hebebühne
OCT 11th Denmark, Bygningen, Køge
DEC 12th Germany, Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer
DEC 13th Germany, Münster, Hot Jazz Club
DEC 14th Germany, Bremen, Schwankhalle

FEB 06th Germany, Hannover, Pavilion
FEB 07th Germany, Frankfurt, Brotfabrik
FEB 08th Germany, Dortmund, Domicil
APR 23rd Germany, Holzminden/Höxter, Ackerscheune Tonenburg
APR 25th Germany, Göttingen, Musa
JUN 18th Germany, Coburg, Leise am Markt
JUN 19th Germany, Erfurt, Franz Mehlhose
JUN 20th Germany, Münster, Afrika Festival


released September 13, 2019


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