1. PRE-ORDER: Bar Shift b/w Brown Thang
    The Eminent Stars

  2. It's A Man's World (live) b/w One Glance (At The Jolly Roger)
    Hobo Jazz

  3. Back In My Life b/w Funky Walk
    Walter Jenkins

  4. Future b/w Free
    Keither Florence & The Associates

  5. Dizengoff
    Babe Wallace

  6. Praise Poems 5
    Various Artists

  7. Love Is The Answer b/w The Love You Save (prev. unreleased)
    Wayne McGhie

  8. One Man's Love b/w Soul Power
    L'il Ray & Fantastic Four

  9. Virtue Recording Studios
    Various Artists

  10. Heartbox EP

  11. Big Ladies Man b/w Funky Fox
    Bob Marshall & the A/Cs

  12. **FREE DOWNLOAD** - DJ set @ Wohnzimmer West (24.01.2003) Part 1

  13. **FREE DOWNLOAD** - DJ set @ Wohnzimmer West (24.01.2003) Part 2

  14. A Progressive Beat Mass Story

  15. Tighten Up Your Love Bone b/w Is This Really Love
    Don Gardner

  16. Single Collection Vol​​.​​7
    Various Artists

  17. The Soulful Side of GME & Musette Records
    Various Artists

  18. I Believe In Love
    Polyrhythmics feat. Lucky Brown

  19. A Distant Star

  20. Mesquite Beat b/w Justice
    Lucky Brown & The S.G.'s

  21. Who Do You Love b/w Forever (Disco)
    Johnny Stark

  22. Top Going Down Bottom Going Up b/w Jody & John
    Nathan Bartell

  23. I Know How It Feel b/w I Truly Believe (In Love)
    Marvelle Hampton

  24. Let Home Cross Your Mind b/w I Need You Baby
    Sir Guy

  25. Music With A Message
    Various Artists

  26. Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party 3
    Various Artists

  27. The Devil Made Me Do It b/w Strut Your Stuff
    Mako & The Hawk feat. Chima Anya

  28. Made in Africa
    The KutiMangoes

  29. Can You Dig It b/w Suddenly You're My Life

  30. Funky You b/w Love Come Down
    The Fugitives

  31. Beating Steel b/w Law Breakers
    Fred Berlipp Band

  32. Hot Track b/w Highway Patrol
    Berry Lipman

  33. Ironstein b/w In It
    James Matthews Quartet

  34. Funky Pete Pt.1 b/w Pt.2
    Guitar Ray

  35. Sunshine b/w Ocean Song

  36. Glimpses Of Truth b/w Eastern Moods
    Bhakti Jazz

  37. Fussin' & Cussin' (voc) b/w (instr)
    Four Wheel Drive

  38. (Let's Go) It's Summertime
    James Reese

  39. Strut Your Stuff b/w We Don't Need It
    Donald Ray & his Revue

  40. Barn Yard Pimp b/w Love Is The Answer
    Soul Explosion

  41. Trip b/w Trippin'

  42. Skins Funk b/w The Big Chase
    Skin Williams & His Dominoes

  43. Slap It To Me b/w I Wanna Dance
    Billy John & Continentals

  44. Don't Chain My Soul b/w It's Just An Illusion
    Carlton Basco

  45. Beautiful Day b/w The Kick
    Spider Harrison / Rhythm Machine

  46. It's Gonna Be A Mess Pt.1 b/w Pt.2
    Mighty Dogcatchers

  47. There's A Wrinkle In Our Time b/w Theme

  48. Guy Morris - Hot Pants Party b/w Cool It
    Guy Morris

  49. Nothing But A Party Pt.1 b/w Pt.2
    The Blenders

  50. Single Collection Vol​​.​​6
    Various Artists

  51. Jesse
    Jesse Morgan

  52. I'm In Your Corner b/w Tip Jar
    Doktu Rhute Muuzic

  53. Bustin Up b/w Chan The Man
    City News

  54. Rhythm & Blues Dance Party
    The Don Gardner Quintet

  55. 7" by Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson

  56. Tragedy b/w Those Things
    The Revised Brotherhood

  57. Mitchie Mitchie Mo-Jo b/w Under The Trees

  58. Praise Poems 4
    Various Artists

  59. Determination Pt.1 b/w Pt.2
    Soul Express

  60. Happy Sunday b/w Blue Guitar
    Wanda Stafford

  61. Tobago Beat b/w The Tiger Is Coming
    Jackie Johnson's Back Beaters

  62. The Ride b/w The Thief
    Milton Bowser

  63. Roll Your Own b/w Pearl (Among The Swine)
    The Bobby Hamilton Quintet

  64. BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE! Abraham Battat - Fly Away b/w Listen Baby 7" (113 copies pressed)
    Abraham Battat

  65. Peace Chant - Raw, Deep and Spiritual Jazz Vol.1&2
    Various Artists

  66. Peace Chant - Raw, Deep and Spiritual Jazz Vol.1
    Various Artists

  67. Peace Chant - Raw, Deep and Spiritual Jazz Vol.2
    Various Artists

  68. Something Else b/w Baby, You've Got Soul
    Iris Bell Trio

  69. Walk With A Groove b/w Everybody's Talkin'
    Clay Brown

  70. Keep Off The Grass b/w It's A Trap
    Dynamic Corvettes

  71. Take Me Out Of The Dark b/w The Joy
    DeRobert & Half​-​Truths

  72. Finger Licking Chicken b/w Back Breaking Love
    The Radars

  73. Chances Are Your Dance Is Mine b/w Take Me Back
    Rickey Andrews

  74. Single Collection Vol​.​5
    Various Artists

  75. Would You Believe
    Gloria Rosebud Black

  76. Sam Sam The Money Man b/w Now You Want To Do Right
    Joe Wilson

  77. Aquarius Songs
    Joseph Malik

  78. Movements Vol​.​8
    Various Artists

  79. You've Changed For The Worst (previously unreleased)
    Jesse Morgan

  80. Morning Madness b/w Uncontrolled
    Scott Cunningham Band

  81. Funky Frog b/w Get Ready
    The Noteables

  82. Praise Poems 3 - A journey into deep, soulful jazz & funk from the 1970s
    Various Artists

  83. Be Real b/w Trips

  84. Sunny b/w Walk On By
    Kay Dennis

  85. BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE! Warmth - Praise Poems Pt.1/2 7" (113 copies pressed)

  86. Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party Vol.3
    Various Artists

  87. Green Power b/w The Grinder
    Sid Sidney Wallace & The Belairs

  88. Let's Go Down To Funksville
    Dayton Sidewinders

  89. Single Collection Vol.4
    Various Artists

  90. The Mess b/w It's Got Soul
    J. Young

  91. Feeling Nice Vol.3
    Various Artists

  92. Leave Me Alone b/w Since I Fell For You
    Nadine Brown

  93. PRAISE POEMS 2 - A journey into deep, soulful jazz & funk from the 1970s
    Various Artists

  94. Original vintage funk 45! Inflation Blues
    Aaron (Chico) Bailey

  95. The Best of Don McCaslin's WARMTH

  96. The Gigolo b/w The Loneliest One
    Gene Anderson

  97. I Don't Know Nothing Else To Tell You b/w Freedom

  98. I Get My Kicks b/w Gotta Take It Home To Mother
    Clarence Reid

  99. Original vintage soul 45! I Choose You
    Ramona King

  100. Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz - Illegal Move
    Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz

  101. The Number
    Fresh Mark & Black Hawk

  102. Mystery Road 7x7inch Box Set
    Various Artists

  103. Mood For Love b/w Let Me Down Easy
    Bold Breed

  104. You Better Stop b/w Exchange Our Love
    Billy Bailey

  105. I Gotta Get Back b/w I Pity A Fool
    Jesse Morgan

  106. Snake Bite b/w Mango Season
    Dokkerman & The Turkeying Fellaz

    Dokkerman & Turkeying Fellaz

  108. Single Collection Vol.3
    Various Artists

  109. Movements Vol​.​7
    Various Artists

  110. How Can You Be So Cold b/w Unique
    Lee Mitchell

  111. Your Gravy Train b/w Keep On Keeping On
    Claude Shermack

  112. PRAISE POEMS - A journey into deep, soulful jazz & funk from the 1970s
    Various Artists

  113. The Sad Chicken b/w Rainy Night In Georgia
    Leroy & The Drivers

  114. Still Listening b/w Scatterbrain
    Lucky Brown

  115. Mystery Road
    Various Artists

  116. The African Slide b/w Git It
    Henry Boatwright

  117. My Sweet Baby b/w Funky Virginia
    Sir Guy

  118. Getto Boogie b/w Don't Give A Damn
    Ellen Jackson

  119. Good Loving
    Rising Sun

  120. The Funky Side of Goldband / Anla Records
    Various Artists

  121. Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party 2
    Various Artists

  122. Salt Pop Corn b/w Soul Saviour Stew
    Reverend Cleatus & Soul Saviours

  123. Notions Of Mr. Motions b/w The Broadway
    Jimmy Lynch

  124. Come To This b/w We Can Do Better
    The Blue Bottles

  125. I'll Leave You Girl b/w St. James Infirmary
    Shelley Fisher

  126. Soul Saviour Stew
    Reverend Cleatus & Soul Saviours

  127. The Story of Don Gardner
    Don Gardner

  128. Jessica
    Roy Porter Sound Machine

  129. Footprints In The Sand b/w Cleaned Out
    The Tibbs

  130. I Wanna Know b/w Let Me Prove My Love
    Dynamic Duke Royal

  131. Single Collection Vol.1
    Various Artists

  132. Single Collection Vol.2
    Various Artists

  133. Y'er Comes The Funky Man b/w St. James Infirmary
    Bob French's Storyville Jazz Band

  134. Tramp Time Vol.4 - Funky & Funny (original vintage vinyl LP)
    Jimmy Lynch

  135. Tramp Time Vol.3 - That Nasty Funky Tramp (original vintage vinyl picture disc LP)
    Jimmy Lynch

  136. Tramp Time Vol.1 - That Funky Tramp In A Nite Club (original vintage vinyl LP)
    Jimmy Lynch

  137. The Story of Lenis Guess
    Lenis Guess

  138. **FREE DOWNLOAD** - Soul Popcorn Club Night Vol.4 - selected by DJ Tobias Kirmayer


  140. **FREE DOWNLOAD** The Eminent Stars - Hearts Are Jumping

  141. JariBu
    JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra

  142. Allen's Party b/w Good Loving Care
    Allen Matthews

  143. That's The Way To Get Along b/w You Don't Know
    Marie Adams

  144. Original vintage blues 45! Why I Sing The Blues
    Little Joe Blue

  145. Original vintage blues-funk 45! Daddy Daddy
    The Griswolds

  146. Runnin' Around Town b/w True Love Is Hard To Find
    Mitch Myron

  147. Run b/w Bad Shape
    Johnnie Morisette

  148. Mother Fuyer b/w Something To Remember You By
    Chick Willis

  149. Party Hardy b/w Badder Than Bad
    Cold Fire

  150. Rhythm & Blues Explosion

  151. Party Time b/w Out On The Town Tonight
    Roy Porter Sound Machine

  152. Out On The Town Tonite b/w Givin' Me The Blues
    Roy Porter Sound Machine feat. Dahle Scott

  153. Do Your Own Thing b/w Sweet Lovin'
    Filet of Soul

  154. You're Blowing My Mind b/w Someday Little Girl
    Bobby Wayne

  155. There Was A Time
    Jimmy Lynch

  156. The Best of Tramp 45s - Vol​​.​​7

  157. **FREE DOWNLOAD** - Hip Hop & Deep Funk Mix - selected by DJ Tobias Kirmayer

  158. Afro-Fire
    The KutiMangoes

  159. Love b/w Let's Stick Together
    Rudy Lambert

  160. Movements Vol.6
    Various Artists

  161. LTD. EDITION 7": The Eminent Stars

  162. Don't Make Me Cry b/w Cat's Back
    Little Buck & Top Cats

  163. Soul Block (of Rocking People) b/w Believe Me
    Len & the P.A.'s

  164. Sittin' In With
    The Eminent Stars

  165. **FREE DOWNLOAD** The Eminent Stars feat. Steffen Morrison - The Club

  166. Mad Mouth Woman b/w Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo
    Wayne Carter

  167. **FREE DOWNLOAD** - Soul Popcorn Club Night Vol.3 - selected by DJ Tobias Kirmayer

  168. **FREE DOWNLOAD** - Soul Popcorn Club Night Vol.2 - selected by DJ Tobias Kirmayer

  169. **FREE DOWNLOAD** - Soul Popcorn Club Night Vol.1 - selected by DJ Tobias Kirmayer

  170. Get Away!! b/w Look And You'll See
    Little Gregory & Concepts

  171. Generation
    Roy Porter Sound Machine '94

  172. I Want To Know Do You Love Me
    The Aries Vibration

  173. Tramp's Tenth (2003-2013)
    Various Artists

  174. Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party 2
    Various Artists

  175. Soul Chicken b/w Lonely Christmas Tears
    Bobby Allen & the Exceptions

  176. So This Is Love
    Lonnie Lester

  177. Won't You Forgive b/w Feel Like A Fool
    The Tornadoes

  178. **FREE DOWNLOAD** - Hip Hop from the late 90's/early 2000s - selected by DJ Tobias Kirmayer

  179. Feeling Nice Vol.2
    Various Artists

  180. Tricky Liars b/w Afro Soul Knows
    JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra

  181. Non Sports b/w Kate

  182. Spirits Up Above b/w No Doubt
    Deep Jazz

  183. The Best of Tramp 45s - Vol​.​6

  184. The Best of Tramp 45s - Vol​.​5

  185. The Best of Tramp 45s - Vol​.​4

  186. Rolling The Bones b/w Fülcimpa
    The Qualitons

  187. Plan B b/w Broken
    Dokkerman & Turkeying Fellaz

  188. Physique b/w A Brighter Darkness
    The Mighty Mocambos

  189. The story of Professor Earl Lett
    Professor Earl Lett

  190. An American In Hamburg - The View From Here
    Herb Geller feat. Mark Murphy

  191. The story of Lonnie Lester
    Lonnie Lester

  192. Same
    Wayne Carter & Organ Twisters

  193. Movements Vol.5
    Various Artists

  194. The story of Jimmy Preacher Ellis
    Jimmy Preacher Ellis

  195. The Best of Tramp 45s - Vol.3

  196. The Best of Tramp 45s - Vol.2

  197. The Best of Tramp 45s - Vol.1

  198. Baby I Love You b/w Kiddio
    Jimmy Ellis

  199. The Dance Called The Motion b/w Mellow Man
    Marvelle & Blue Mats

  200. I Feel Good b/w Tamahawk
    Duffy Jackson Orchestra feat. Johnny Apollo

  201. Gettin' Soul Pt.1 b/w It's Got To Be Somethin'
    Aalon Butler & the New Breed Band

  202. Funky Screw b/w The Bull Is Coming
    Lee Fields

  203. This Is Me b/w I Don't Know
    Jody Parsley

  204. James Brown Boo-ga-loo
    James & the Incredible Showmen

  205. Pyramid b/w Girl In The Hot Pants
    Soul Bros. Inc.

  206. I'm Hungry
    Johnny Morisette with the Jennell Hawkins Sexette

  207. Motherless Child
    Harmonica Paul

  208. You Can't Go b/w Ain't That A Shame
    Lonnie Lester

  209. Panama
    Roy Porter Sound Machine

  210. Ancestors of Rap
    Various Artists

  211. The Story of Roy Porter Sound Machine
    Roy Porter Sound Machine

  212. I Had A Dream
    Vernon Garrett

  213. Investigation No.1
    Carl Sherlock Holmes Investigation

  214. Movements Vol.4
    Various Artists

  215. Mediacracy
    JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra

  216. Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party 1
    Various Artists

  217. Feeling Nice Vol.1
    Various Artists

  218. Lucky Brown's Space Dream
    Lucky Brown & the Funk Revolution

  219. Contemporary Afro Beat
    Various Artists

  220. The Story of the Soul Brothers Inc.
    Soul Brothers Inc.

  221. Panoramic Tymes
    The Qualitons

  222. Movements Vol.3
    Various Artists

  223. Contemporary Jazz
    Various Artists

  224. Contemporary Funk
    Various Artists

  225. Mambo Atomico
    The Hi-Fly Orchestra

  226. Samboogaloo
    The Hi-Fly Orchestra

  227. Country of Guns
    Kaleta & Zozo Afrobeat

  228. This Is My Thing
    Various Artists

  229. **FREE DOWNLOAD** Funk/Soul/Latin-Jazz live mix

  230. **FREE DOWNLOAD** Funk/Soul/Latin-Jazz live mix Pt.2


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